Sisters W

One of the major problems faced by working class ladies with children, is time. Time to attend to their kids or family especially to prepare their meals. But still, most of them want to avoid serving processed food to their kids for health purposes. That is where sisters w steps in. sisters w is a food company who package ready-to-use ingredients to prepare various kinds of meals for individuals as well as for families. This reduces considerably the amount of time it takes to prepare a meal. More to that, sisters w makes sure the ingredients they prepare are fresh and natural.

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We were commissioned  to produce the packaging of one of their products “Pate d’Arachide a cuisine” which is ground nut paste made for cooking various ground nut related dishes.

The objectives of the design was to make something that feels premium and of high quality. The design equally was to look modern and aesthetically appealing to the female population. Also, the packaging should emphasize on the fact that the products are natural.


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