Coca cola brotherly Love


Brotherly-Love Coca-Cola is a well-known product in the United States and throughout the world. In January of 2016, a commercial was put out by Coca-Cola called “Brotherly Love.” This commercial attracts several different types of people throughout the world on the basis of family, togetherness, and happiness. The explicit message shows the relationship of brothers and how an older brother treats his younger brother. The aspect of being together, for many, is a sign of someone being wanted. In this commercial, a Coke brings a younger brother and older brother closer together. Coke brings people together, making people feel comfortable, and this makes people want a cold, tasty Coca-Cola. The song of choice was “Hey Brother” to enforce that family feeling and show the “Brotherly Love.” The song's lyrics talk about there being nothing they wouldn't do for their brother and that is what is seen in the commercial. When the commercial nears the end and it is perceived as the younger of the two brothers is going to be robbed of his coke; the older brother comes in and risk having to fight three kids or doing anything for his brother to get his coke back.