Bissap Ma'a Bodile (BMC GROUP)


Ma'a Bodile is an agrifood brand developed by the Benino-Cameroonian company BMC GROUP. Ma'a Bodile is more than 63 years of traditional culinary culture revisited from West and Central Africa.
They promote local cultures through a new agri-food industry that reveals Africa in its diversity
Bissap also known as Hibiscus leaf commonly known in Africa as "Folere" has been a part of African drinks for centuries, it's not only known for its unique taste but as well the nutritional values you can get from it. The Secret in which it's been prepared is passed down from one generation to the other. Ma'a Bodile has decided to make the cooking process faster and easier but still keeps the same unique taste and all its nutritional values.
The aim of the commercial was for people to know that the brand exists and there is an easier way to consume Bissap without going through the old fashion and long way of preparing Bissap. 
What we were to offer to Ma'a Bodile were, product shoots, a brand identity video that they could use for their marketing campaign.